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Résonances 2003
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october 2003

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international multichannel sound forum
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dance and new technologies
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resonances night at glaz'art
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Aigrain, Philippe, Scientific advisory mission, Ircam's scientific department
Andreatta, Moreno, PhD Student, Musical Representations, Ircam
Assayag, Gérard, Head of Musical Representations department, Ircam
Atkinson, Simon, Composer, sonic artist and teacher
Bandt, Ros, Senior researcher, electro-acoustic composer and sound artist
Bardez, Jean-Michel, SFAM
Bardiot, Clarisse, Phd student, CNRS
Barthélemy, Jérôme, Projects Manager, Ircam
Battier, Marc, Composer. Professor at the University of Paris-IV Sorbonne
Bauchard, Franck, Theatre inspector for the French Ministry of Culture
Bernstein, Jeremy, Artist
Bonardi, Alain, Senior Lecturer, Paris 8 University
Bossis, Bruno, Musicologist
Cahen, Roland, Composer, stage director, teacher
Carpentier, Olivier, Musician, sound engineer
Castaing, Jacqueline, Assistant-Professor, Galilée Institute
Chadabe, Joel, Composer. President of Electronic Music Foundation
Chemillier, Marc, Senior Lecturer, ethnomusicologist
Cholleton, Jean-Pierre, Musicologist
Chouvel, Jean-Marc, University of Reims
Couprie, Pierre, Composer
Crombie, David, Head of International Projects FNB, Amsterdam
Dal Farra, Ricardo, Composer, professor
Déchelle, François, Head of "Free software and software engineering" team, Ircam
Delalande, François, Head of Research in music sciences at Ina-GRM
Deliège, Célestin, Musicologist
Desainte-Catherine, Myriam, Scientific director of the SCRIME Project
Diana, Loretta, PhD student, DSI Department, University of Milan
Donin, Nicolas, Musicology researcher
Dubiel, Joseph, Composer
Dunsby, Jonathan, Professor of music at the University of Reading
Eboman, Composer, artist
Eckardt, Jason, Composer
Forte, Allen, Professor of Music Theory, Yale University
Fouquet, Ludovic, Actor, plastic artist and stage director
Fujii, Koichi, Graduate School of Letters, Keio University, Japon
Gayou, Evelyne, Composer
Gerzso, Andrew, Director of the Pedagogical Department, Ircam
Geslin, Yann, Research projects manager of the Ina-GRM
Glorioso, Andrea, DeMuDi head developer
Harrison, Peter, Creative Labs' Developer Relations department
Hascher, Xavier, Lecturer, Marc-Bloch University of Strasbourg
Haus, Goffredo, Director of the LIM at the University of Milan, Italy.
Hequet, Antony, Poet, composer, performer
Herrera, Perfecto, Research Assistant, University of Pompeu Fabra
Lacerte, Sylvie, Director of the FIND lab in Montreal
Landy, Leigh, Director of the MTI Research Group at De Montfort University
Le Prado, Cécile, Composer
Lenoir, Roger, Researcher, FNB, Amsterdam
Lequette, Daniel, Graphic designer and painter
Leroux, Philippe, Composer
Lescurieux, Olivier, Industrial Liaison Manager at Ircam
Lochard, Jean, Musical Assistant of Ircam Pedagogy Department
Longari, Maurizio, PhD Student, University of Milan, Italy
Lopez-Lezcano, Fernando, Lecturer and Systems Administrator, CCRMA
Madsen, Pamela, Composer, music theorist, pianist
Malt, Mikhail, Musical Assistant of Ircam Pedagogy Department
Mazzola, Guerino, Professor of mathematics at the University of Zurich
McKenzie, Neil, Composer
Mead, Andrew, Composer
Misdariis, Nicolas, Acoustician
Morris, Robert, Composer
Mountain, Rosemary, President of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community
Nattiez, Jean-Jacques, Professor of musicology, University of Montreal
Nauert, Paul, Composer
Ng, Kia, Director of ICSRiM, University of Leeds, UK
Noll, Thomas, Researcher, Technical University of Berlin
Nonken, Marilyn, Pianist
Picon-Vallin, Béatrice, Director of the CNRS Performing Arts Research Lab
Pottier, Laurent, Researcher at GMEM
Puig, Vincent, Director of Marketing and Publications, Ircam
Rahn, John, Professor of Music Composition, University of Washington
Rai, Takayuki, Composer, computer music teacher
Ricard, Julien, PhD Student, Music Technology Group, Barcelona
Riotte, André, Composer
Risset, Jean-Claude, Composer
Schaub, Stéphan, PhD Student, University of Paris-IV Sorbonne
Schnell, Norbert, Head of the Real Time Applications team, Ircam
Schwarz, Diemo, Engineer in computer science
Solomos, Makis, Musicologist, Senior lecturer at University of Montpellier-III
Stiegler, Bernard, Director of Ircam, philosopher
Supper, Martin, Director of the Studio for Electroacoustic Music & Sonic Art
Tanzi, Dante, Audio and MIDI technical coordinator at LIM
Teruggi, Daniel, Director of the Ina-GRM (Musical Research Group)
Thigpen, Benjamin, Musical Assistant of Ircam Pedagogy Department
Verdi, Luigi, Composer, conductor and musicologist
Vinet, Hugues, Scientific Director of Ircam
Warusfel, Olivier, Head of Room Acoustics team, Ircam
Weinzierl, Stefan, Tonmeister
Weyde, Tillman, Researcher at the University of Osnabrück
Young, John, Composer, senior lecturer
Zicarelli, David, Developer of Max/MSP software, Director of Cycling'74

Organization Committee
Copyright Ircam-Centre Pompidou 2003