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Résonances 2003
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Resonances 2003
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October 15th-24th, 2003

RESONANCES 2004October, 13-22 2004

Themes :

-  Tools for Musical Analysis
-  Technologies for Live Performances

The evolution of the music industry towards concentration and globalization, the integration of its manifold functions within the computer, the emergence of a generalized internet access as well as the obvious but powerful merging of creation and audio tools..., all these trends are defining the frame work of a new technical music system. This continuously changing horizon, involves :

-  a renewal of organology and musicology concepts by reactivating ancestral musical difficulties related to writing and composition techniques , analysis, representation, listening, instrumental conception, training, interpretation and even rehearsal ;

-  the increasing merging of electronic fabrication with digital instruments widely used in the artistic field - as if the organological question would finally have to be extended to the whole of the transartistic field.

The instrument was already the central issue at the first edition of Resonances, which focused on two different topics : "new ways of listening" and "new instruments". This first edition was held at Ircam in October 2002 and brought together 6000 visitors including scientists, professionals and the general public.

In 2003, Resonances intends to build upon the brainstorming on new instruments for synthesis and control that was already started in 2002, and to expand it to all innovative musical systems. This will allow an update of our personal appropriation of the musical phenomenon. These issues will be explored in an international conference on musical analysis and listening based on two perspectives (electro-acoustic music and the Set Theory). The public will also discover the extraordinary variety of "new instruments" designed for artistic expression in live performances.

This year we will focus on issues such as : the positioning of instruments in space, and particularly spatialization of sound, score following technologies, motion capture systems for installations and choreography, real-time video, as well as new perspectives related to real-time voice processing of actors and singers, in "resonance" with the creations presented in June during the Agora festival.


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