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Workshop on "Editorial Technologies for Music and Multimedia" organized with the support of Musicnetwork.

Funded by the European Commission, the Musicnetwork has been established in order to help bring music into the interactive multimedia era. It's a "Centre of Excellence" to bring the music industry, content providers and research institutions together. The Musicnetwork draws on the assets and mutual interests of these actors to exploit the potential of new technologies, tools, products, formats and models.

-  Date : Thursday, October 16th, 2003, 9:30am-5:30pm
-  Venue : Ircam, Studio 5
-  Access conditions : Free entrance

Conferences exclusively in english.


Hypermedia musical publication requires a number of special competences, due to the lack of an integrated environment dedicated to the special needs of the musicologist.

The modelling of the musical database at the basis of the editorial project is particularly important. The database must permit indexation and retrieval on metadata as well as on musical content. Modelling must be compliant with musical knowledge. The database must also permit adaptation of musical content and cooperative work, and must open perspectives in musical e-learning.

The musical representation space must be investigated. Acoustic representations such as sonogram or spectrogram have introduced new ways of representations of musical events and contents, and new ways of exploration and description of the musical phenomenon. Electro-acoustic music needs special representation, specially concerning time, and ethnomusicology requires at least an enhancement of common western music notation. Even common music notation is not easy to integrate in multimedia presentations.

Finally, a number of technical competences are needed for the final diffusion of the work. There is a lack of tools dedicated to synchronisation, which is a basic need for every musical multimedia presentation. Standards and technologies are perpetually evolving, and authoring tools are ever more and more complex. Rendering (MIDI or audio rendering) requires particular competences.

The workshop will try to investigate main issues related to these topics, and open new perspectives and solutions.

First part (morning)

With the participation of : Vincent Puig (Ircam), Jérôme Barthélemy (Ircam), Pierre Couprie (University of Paris IV-Sorbonne), Olivier Lescurieux (Ircam), Ludovic Gaillard (Ircam), Tillman Weyde (University of Osnabrück), Hugues Vinet (Ircam), Loretta Diana (University of Milan), Goffredo Haus (University of Milan), Maurizio Longari (University of Milan).

09:30am Opening
Speaker : Vincent Puig
09:45am The realization of a multimedia musicologic publication. Abstract
Speaker : Pierre Couprie
10:15am The HyperMedia Studio projects at Ircam. Abstract
Speakers : Olivier Lescurieux, Ludovic Gaillard
10:45am Break
11:00am Integrated Representation of Musical Content, Structure and Metadata. Abstract
Speaker : Tillman Weyde
11:30am The Representation Levels of Music Information. Abstract
Speaker : Hugues Vinet
12:00pm Modeling and Management of Large Music Databases. Abstract
Speakers : Loretta Diana, Goffredo Haus, Maurizio Longari

Second part (afternoon)

With the participation of : Julien Ricard (Music Technology Group, Barcelona), Perfecto Herrera (University of Pompeu Fabra), Jacqueline Castaing (University of Paris XIII), Alain Bonardi (University of Paris VIII, La Maison des Sciences de l'Homme Paris Nord), Kaissa Boubehata (University of Paris VIII, La Maison des Sciences de l'Homme Paris Nord), David Crombie (FNB), Roger Lenoir (FNB), Neil McKenzie, Kia Ng (University of Leeds, UK), Jérôme Barthélemy (Ircam).

02:00pm Towards computational morphological sound description. Abstract
Speakers : Julien Ricard, Perfecto Herrera
02:30pm A Logical framework for the Motivic Analysis of Music. Abstract
Speaker : Jacqueline Castaing
03:00pm Virtual Environment and Creation. Abstract
Speakers : Alain Bonardi, Kaissa Boubehata
03:30pm Break
04:00pm Bridging the gap : music and communication. Abstract
Speakers : David Crombie, Roger Lenoir, Neil McKenzie
04:30pm Music Imaging : The Challenge of Optical Music Recognition. Abstract
Speaker : Kia Ng
05:00pm Musical Notation and Multimedia Standards. Abstract
Speaker : Jérôme Barthélemy


Organization Committee
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