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A century of innovation involving sound and technology. Resources, Discourse, Analytical Tools. Conference organised by Ircam in collaboration with the universities De Monfort (GB) and Sorbonne, INA/GRM, the Musée de la musique (Paris), and Electronic Music Foundation.

-  Dates : October 15th-16th, 2003, 9:30am-6:30pm
-  Venue : Centre Pompidou, petite salle
-  Access conditions : registration**

**This registration allows you to participate to the "Around Set Theory" Conference.


Inspired by the EARS project (ElectroAcoustic Resource Site, MTI Research Group, De Montfort University) and initiated by the MTI and the MINT group of the Universite de Paris-Sorbonne, this conference is co-ordinated by an international team of organisations reflecting the level of its ambition : to bring together reflections concerning the better understanding of electroacoustic music and to make relevant initiatives more widely available from this music's genesis, its appearance and its development spanning a century,. The organisers are all engaged in the key areas of debate and are equally actively seeking the development of solutions.

Scientific Committee
Marc Battier (MINT Musicologie, informatique et nouvelles technologies, Université Paris-IV, Sorbonne), Joel Chadabe, (Electronic Music Foundation, USA), Frédéric Dassas (Musée de la Musique, Cité de la Musique, Paris), François Delalande (INA/GRM), Nicolas Donin (Ircam), Leigh Landy (Music, Technology and Innovation Research Group MTI, De Montfort University, UK).

Ircam, De Monfort University (UK), Université de Paris-Sorbonne, Ina-GRM, Musée de la musique, Electronic Music Foundation (United States).


From the advent of the first electric instruments, the phonograph, radio, telephone, followed by later electronic and digital inventions, the approaches to technologies relevant to the art of sound have only been limited by the imagination of the musician. Throughout the duration of the century, it could be suggested that the study of music involving these technologies has been increasing. However the investigation of such a varied musical repertoire raises a number of issues that this conference proposes to examine. During three days, the conference will debate questions concerning resources, discourse and analytical tools.


-  1st day "Electroacoustic musics"
Date : Wednesday, October 15th

-  2nd day "Electroacoustic musics"
Date : Thursday, October 16th


-  "Music in creation" concert
Date : Monday, October 20th


Organization Committee
Copyright Ircam-Centre Pompidou 2003