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In the demonstration spaces inside Ircam music industry and artists will present current live performance technologies that are in development or especially conceived for specific artistic needs.

-  Date : October 18th-19th, 2003
-  Venue : Ircam, Studio 5
-  Access conditions : Free entrance


02:00pm and 05:00pm : Midi sensors/real time processing/Midi actuators

Pedagogical suitcase for MIDI real time interaction.
-  presented by Sandrine Chiri (Interface-Z), Francis Bras (Interface-Z) and Jean-Noël Montagné (Art Sensitif).

02:20pm and 05:20pm : Kyma

Kyma equipment is applied to real time sound synthesis that uses a programming language, which is specific for programming software including patches such as MAX.
-  presented by Antony Hequet

02:40pm and 05:40pm : Isadora

The Company "Troika Ranch Dance Theater" developed the system called ISADORA for the creation of hybrid performances including dance, theatre, music and multimedia. The system has several sensors and real time video processing software that reacts to the gestures of the actors and their voices.
-  presented by Mark Coniglio (TRDT)

03:00pm and 06:00pm : Eyes Web, the motion capture system and its application in the performance "Schlag !" of Roland Auzet

Eyes Web software was developed by Antonio Camurri at the University of Genoa. It allows a motion capture of dancers or actors on stage as well as the editing of those movements and movement analysis for musical control. Emmanuel Fléty will describe the use of Eyes Web in Schlag ! , the performance of Roland Auzet that combines circus music and video and that was presented during the festival Agora in June 2003.
-  presented by Emmanuel Fléty

03:20pm and 06:20pm : Max/MSP - Jitter and their application in electronic music performances

The Dutch artists Eboman develops DVJ interfaces (Digital Video Jockey) and performed recently at the Pompidou Center. He will present spectacular interfaces such as "skrtZz pen", "skrtZz arm", the "skrtZz board" and the "skrtZz wheel". Web site
-  presented by Eboman

03:40pm and 06:40pm : Jitter

Jitter is a set of video, matrix, and 3D graphics objects for the Max/MSP graphical programming environment, providing an unprecedented level of modularity in graphics processing applications. It is capable of describing and manipulating matrix data - any data that can be expressed in rows and columns, such as video and still images, OpenGL-based 3D geometries, text, spreadsheet data, particle systems, voxels, or audio. Jitter co-author Jeremy Bernstein will present an overview of the software, and some brief excerpts of work made with it.
-  presented by David Zicarelli (Cycling'74) and Jeremy Bernstein

04:00pm and 07:00pm : VNS motion capture system for musical interaction

VNS (Very Nervous System) developed by David Rockeby (Canada) is one of the most outstanding motion capture systems for musical interaction. It was used by Jacques Remus for the installation "le carillon concertomatique" during the previous edition of Résonances in 2002. The composer and Forum member Georges Isakidis will present the system applied to image and sound control.
-  presented by Georges Isakidis


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