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Virtual body and augmented body

Two multimedia performances by Suguru Goto, composer, new media artist.

-  Date : Thursday, October 23rd, 20h00
-  Venue : Centre Pompidou, Salle de cinéma 2
-  Access Conditions : Free entrance


Composition and interactive video

-  Composition : Suguru Goto
-  Interactive video Jitter : Suguru Goto
-  Performance : Suguru Goto
-  Graphic design : Ishiro Kojima
-  After Effects : 710.BEPPO
-  Images 3D : Takeshi Shimana
-  Voice : Paco Leonarte et Antonin Artaud

This composition is related to the project "artificial body and real body". The texts used in this work are coming from Mille Plateaux of Deleuze and Guattari and the radio piece of Antonin Artaud : Pour en finir avec le jugement de Dieu. It's a visual and sound montage that eliminates the notion of sense and history and where the language is treated as an icon. The text is told by human and artificial voices but also incorporated and modified in the image. The idea of this composition is to mix, juxtapose and to weave different representation of the body between them. The video image shows real and 3D virtual bodies but the body of the performer is present and can transform its images in real time. We are having now a puzzle where it's a matter of differences and resemblances between real and virtual body. Once the body doesn't have any consensual reality anymore, one enters the labyrinth. One composes a body without organs, a CsO.


Composition for BodySuit, sound and interactive video

BodySuit performance : Yuko Kametani

-  Composer : Suguru Goto
-  Interactive video Jitter : Suguru Goto
-  Performance : Suguru Goto
-  Graphic design : Ishiro Kojima

This composition is based on the density of texture and the alternation between the dynamical and the statistical aspect of the movement. The ideas of the composition are summarized in the title of which the initials mean : o.m=Onomatopoeia and montage, both of them can be heard clearly in this composition, 2=second version, g=granular, i=interpolation ; p.p=poly-phase.

The BodySuit is a costume equipped with resistance sensors to the 12 main articulations of the body : ankles, knees, hips, hands, elbows, shoulders. The electric signals derived from the movements of the performer are converted to MIDI information that can be processed by computer. BodySuit works as a gestural interface allowing changing sound and video images in real time.


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